Customers deserve great service.
Simple requests shouldn't mean hours of waiting, repeating yourself, and arguing with reps.

Our mission
At the core of GetHuman is the belief that very simple customer requests have become a complicated, tangled mess. One that involves long wait times, confronting multiple company reps, negotiating, enduring inappropriate upselling, and a number of other obstacles that drive anxiety and waste a lot of time. It doesn't matter to us how we got here. We know that large companies have it hard too, trying to keep thousands or millions of customers happy with breakable products and stiff competition. But we know that the simple customer requests should feel that way- simple. And we're doing everything we can to make it so.
What is GetHuman?
We first catalogued the best phone numbers for big companies and the fastest way through their phone maze. Then we added step-by-step guides through the toughest customer problems and tools that allow you to skip waiting on hold. And now we can handle the entire customer service hassle for you. So whether you're done spending days of your life on hold or arguing with reps- or if you feel like doing it all yourself- we've got you covered. We'll always have the best, free customer service information and tools on the Web, and we're here to take care of it for you as well. Here are just a few of the ways we try to help customers:
Hire us to resolve your painful customer service issues for you
Get a step-by-step guide for your issue- or we'll write one for you
The best phone numbers and contact info, with secret shortcuts
Our robot waits on hold for you and connects you to a rep
Useful and credible reviews for companies you know
More and more tools and information every day. Power to the customer!
How GetHuman started
GetHuman began as a personal project by Paul English back in 2005 to help his father who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Paul made a cheatsheet for his father with company phone numbers and the sequence of numbers to get through to a person so he could manage his home services. When he put the cheatsheet on the Web for friends and family, it went viral. It was soon renamed "GetHuman", and quickly gained national media coverage. But the demands of Paul's job as the CTO and Co-founder of forced him to stop spending time on GetHuman as it became a bigger and bigger distraction. Many years later, Paul let curious software developer Christian Allen experiment with GetHuman after he left KAYAK in 2011. By the end of 2012, Christian was convinced that the problem of customer service was big and getting worse- and that GetHuman was a great launchpad for solving that problem. So in 2013, Paul and Christian registered GetHuman as a real company with the intent of making customer service easy once and for all. Today, GetHuman is a thriving, growing business that serves millions of customers per month.
Who uses GetHuman?
The short answer is: hundreds of millions of frustrated customers. Last year, roughly 1 in 8 Americans used GetHuman to save time or money on a customer service problem. Users from 241 different countries used our tools and information to cut time out of the customer service process and argue their case a bit better. You and other consumers like you power GetHuman by sharing your experiences, tips, and shortcuts and by continuing to spread the word with others. Individually, it's hard for us to be heard by big companies. Together, we can make being a customer easier and better for all.
How you can make customer service better
GetHuman was built off of customers sharing information with each other, spreading the word, giving feedback, and helping us refine the information and tools that we offer. Together we're able to make dramatic improvements to customer service. So please- give us feedback using the Feedback or megaphone button in the lower right of the screen so we know when something isn't working or if you have a better way. And please- spread the word. The more customers are helping to refine the tools, the better they get. In this way we can help ourselves and each other.
Got an issue with a company? GetHuman can help.
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